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Dr. Chris Stires, PT, DPT

Physical Therapist

Chris grew up in northern Baltimore County, Maryland. He attended Calvert Hall College High School where he played baseball and was a part of several championship and nationally ranked baseball teams. Chris’ passion for baseball included enjoying the physical preparation necessary to get the most out of his potential as a baseball player. This meant a passion for the weight room while playing baseball and ultimately his interest in the science of health, movement, and athletic performance. He took his interest in these areas and dedicated himself to formal education on these topics, earning a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology in his undergraduate studies and then a Doctor of Physical Therapy to allow for a career as a physical therapist.

Since entering the healthcare field, he has worked to develop a well-rounded skill set and knowledge base as a physical therapist, so that he can offer comprehensive and evidence-based care to a variety of clients and help them achieve the best possible outcomes. This has meant extensive continuing education and taking courses from the Postural Restoration Institute as well as other courses in management of common sport and orthopedic injuries, pain neuroscience education, and strength and conditioning training. Chris also uses his background, prior to physical therapy school, as a certified personal trainer and certified nutrition coach to help him provide a comprehensive and holistic approach to helping his clients reach their goals for physical therapy, health, and performance.

Chris has a deep appreciation for the amazing potential for physical performance and achievement present in all individuals. He is fascinated by the levels of performance that humans can achieve when the right combination of dedication, discipline, skill, knowledge, and persistence is present. Chris continues to find fulfillment in his career as a physical therapist by working with individuals who are passionate about performing optimally and to their highest potential in whatever sport, activity, or pursuit they value. Being able to play a role in assisting someone back to participating in their chosen sport or physical activity, helping someone improve their performance to levels they did not realize they could achieve, or guiding someone to improved longevity and physical health, is what provides Chris meaning in his role as a physical therapist. Chris is also a firm believer that it is important he “practices what he preaches” in his role as a physical therapist. He places a high value on maintaining and optimizing his health in all areas – physical activity, nutrition, etc. He maintains a passion for the weight room and has competed in several natural bodybuilding competitions. He enjoys a wide range of physical activities to challenge himself and would like to compete and participate in other disciplines in the future as well.

Chris will offer an approach to your physical therapy care that is appreciative of both the problem that brings you in as well as who you are as an individual. He believes that a plan must be individualized to achieve the best results. He will work with you to ensure the problem you come in with is addressed, the root cause of the problem is identified, and that you feel that you have the tools necessary to move forward and address underlying causes and maintain the improvements you have achieved. Chris looks forward to hearing about the pursuits you are passionate about, learning about your "why," and helping you to continue to be able to participate at your highest level.


Education & Credentials

Doctorate in Physical Therapy -- Alvernia University

Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology -- University of Maryland College Park

Certified in Complete Concussion Management (CCMI)


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