What Is a rEMOM?

mobility performance physical therapy Sep 06, 2021
Rehab EMOM
rEMOM stands for rehab every minute on the minute. This is a spin on the traditional EMOM style of programming. During an EMOM, you will perform a predetermined exercise at the start of each minute. You can choose to do a certain number of reps (8 reps at the start of each minute, then rest in the remaining time), a certain length of time (work for 40 seconds and rest for 20 seconds), or work to achieve as many reps as possible each minute.
Traditional physical therapy and rehab approaches are ineffective when it comes to programming. Go to any typical PT clinic out there, and you will see everyone doing 3 sets of 10 for every single exercise (okay, sometimes I’ll even see just 2 sets of 10). While this set-rep scheme has a place, it cannot be the best for every single exercise.
Traditional rehab exercise sessions are just plain boring. Do you really want to stand there doing arm raises with a tiny pink dumbbell for 3 sets of 10, then move on to another under dosed exercise for another 3 sets of 10? No.
We try to do things a little differently. Not just to have more fun, but that’s a pretty nice added benefit. We program our exercises for the maximum benefit. rEMOMs are not the only way we do things, but we do them very often.
Another main reason we do rEMOMs is that they better match the demands of the fitness athletes that we treat. Most of our clients perform functional movements at high intensities, whether in team sports, individual sports, CrossFit, you name it!
We keep our programming interesting. Sometimes, we will focus on just mobility and use time to guide us. Sometimes, we will work on strength with foundational movements and mix in other accessory drills. Sometimes, we will work on specific techniques with complex movements while mixing in exercises to ramp up the heart rate. The options are endless.
Some Benefits of rEMOMs
Improved health benefits
Interval style training will increase the client’s cardiovascular effort, leading to more overall health benefits compared to slow training styles.
Increased work capacity
More work can be done in a shorter and more focused period of time.
Increased strength development
Appropriate dosing of work and rest ratios, which allow for proper loading.
Technique refinement
Address faults and cue modifications in the rest periods to be immediately implemented in the next minute.
Motor learning
Clients can be exposed to exercises and movements they don’t typically encounter in traditional PT.
More engaging
rEMOMs are more fun and engaging, which will lead to better compliance to programming.
Easy to replicate
rEMOMs are simple for home exercise prescriptions as pretty much everyone has access to a timer and they no longer have to count reps.
We are not your typical PT clinic. Upgrade your rehab and work with us.
Corey Hall, PT, DPT

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