Our Team is Growing | Meet Shannon Hall, PT, DPT

baltimore physical therapy May 10, 2021
Shannon Hall, PT, DPT
We have some BIG NEWS to share with you! The Beyond Movement PT team just got better!
I’m pleased to announce that my wife, Shannon, has officially joined Beyond Movement PT. She has been a huge help behind the scenes with getting the clinic started and is responsible for a lot of the success we have had so far. She is now available to treat clients. To schedule with Shannon, click here.
Shannon is a kickass PT. She has taken tons (yes, tons) of courses to become the best PT she can be. She continues to learn and grow, taking in as much information as possible to always offer leading-edge care.
Shannon treats all orthopedic and athletic injuries. She also has a special interest in treating pregnant and postpartum women. She loves to teach. Shannon will put 100% of her mind and heart into treating each client.
I am BEYOND excited to have her officially on the team as an owner!
Check out her bio below.

Shannon Hall, PT, DPT
Owner | Physical Therapist
Shannon grew up in a small town in northern Maine. Growing up, she loved team sports, dancing, being outside, and just being an active kid. From a young age she knew she wanted to keep physical fitness as a top priority in her life. She majored in athletic training at the University of New England with a goal of eventually becoming a physical therapist. She attended the University of Maryland Eastern Shore’s doctoral program in physical therapy and graduated in 2015 ready to begin her career.
Shannon began treating patients in the corporate, outpatient setting in the city of Baltimore. She met some wonderful people and Baltimore really started to feel like home. However, she started to become slightly disillusioned by the corporate physical therapy model. She was seeing patients in 30 minute blocks of time, often double-booked, and felt that she was unable to give her patients the time and attention that they needed especially when they came to her with complex underlying health issues that interfered with their ability to truly overcome their chronic low back, knee, hip pain, etc. She strongly believes that healthy living and regular exercise is the key to building stronger bodies and minds in order to stave off injury and disease. Shannon is thrilled to be a part of the Beyond Movement PT team as this business model allows her to spend more time with each patient and develop treatment plans tailored to her patient’s individual goals.
Shannon treats all orthopedic conditions. She has taken advanced courses in trigger point dry needling, management of the fitness athlete, and management of chronic pain conditions. She has a special interest in working with women that are pregnant or in their postpartum journey who want to remain active and strong.
Education & Credentials
Doctorate in Physical Therapy -- University of Maryland Eastern Shore
Bachelors of Science in Athletic Training -- University of New England
Certified in Clinical Management of the Fitness Athlete
Certified Myofascial Trigger Point Therapist
Therapeutic Pain Specialist
Certified Clinical Instructor
If you have any questions or would like to know if Beyond Movement PT is the right fit for you, please contact us.
Corey Hall, PT, DPT

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