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baltimore performance physical therapy Jun 06, 2022
Outlast Health and Performance

We started this business in August 2020 under the name Beyond Movement PT. We opened during the COVID-19 pandemic with the goal of offering high-quality performance physical therapy to athletes and active people in Baltimore, MD. We wanted to be the best sports physical therapists in the area, but we always knew that we wanted to be more than just physical therapy, which is why we went with the name Beyond Movement. While we felt like this was a good name, we decided on it quickly so we can get started helping people.

Fast forward almost 2 years, and we have changed our business name to Outlast Health and Performance. Why?

For starters, our vision has become more clear on how we can help our community. We are more than physical therapy. While a big portion of our services are aimed at helping people feel better and move better, we felt like something was missing. Our active clients went back to their activities and we hope that our less active clients took our advice on purposeful exercise. We felt like we were still stuck in the traditional physical therapy model a bit and wanted to offer more. Our new vision is on longevity, both in health and in sport. In addition to keeping our athletes in the game and our fitness athletes in the gym, we want to help our clients and our community live longer, healthier lives. This goes above just physical therapy.

The meaning of Outlast is to live or last longer than. This embodies our new vision perfectly. Outlast your competition. Outlast your peers (sorry don’t want to sound too grim). Outlast the lifespan that you would have had if you made the wrong health and fitness choices.

How does one live longer? Well, we believe that in order to live longer, you need to live better. You need to be as independent as possible at an older age. This doesn’t mean that you can only eat healthy foods and you must exercise 3 hours a day. In order to figure out how you should live better now, a simple exercise is to set goals for yourself at the age of 100 then reverse engineer from there. For example, at the age of 100, I would like to be able to get in and out of a car without help, walk up a flight of stairs holding groceries in both arms, rise from a chair or toilet without help, and get on the floor (and back up to standing) to play with my great grandchildren. We must take into consideration the age-related changes that will occur with strength, tissue quality, and disease to set realistic goals for when we are 90, 80, 70, 60, and so on. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to this, because each individual will have different goals and is starting from a different level of health and human performance.

As we grow in the next year or two, we plan to offer more health and human performance services to our clients. We will continue to offer high-quality, one-on-one physical therapy. We will continue to provide, assess, adapt, and re-assess to determine the best approaches to help our clients. We plan to get more involved in the Baltimore community. We plan to make a lasting impact to help those we interact with live longer and healthier lives.

If you want to live a longer, happier, healthier life, then you are our type of person. If you want to Outlast the lifespan that you will have if you make poor health choices, we can help. If you want to stay in the game/gym/etc longer, then we can help. If you want to perform at a higher level, now and in your later years, we got you covered.

Corey Hall, PT, DPT


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