4 Ways to Stay on Top of Seasonal Affective Disorder recovery sleep hygiene stress management Dec 05, 2022

The holiday season is here! What a fun time of year! The possibility of snow is in the air, holiday parties, eggnog, jingle bells, what’s not to love? Well, if you don’t always feel overjoyed about the change in the seasons, you are not alone.

With the colder weather and shorter days...

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Recovery Studio at Outlast Health and Performance baltimore blood flow restriction (bfr) training mobility pain performance physical therapy recovery running stress management Nov 07, 2022

We are excited to offer several recovery services and tools to our clients! Our studio is available to help you upgrade your rehab experience, enhance your recovery between training sessions, and prepare for your next bout of training.

Our studio is equipped with the same recovery tools used by...

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Is It Safe to Exercise With a Hangover? nutrition performance recovery running Oct 03, 2022

Most of us know that alcohol consumption screws with our next day performance in the gym. But many of us still do it. Some do it every weekend. We know our work-outs usually aren’t as productive or performed at our highest level, but are we actually causing harm?

“Sweat it Out”

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Active Recovery for Your Active Lifestyle pain performance recovery Aug 01, 2022

Recovery is just as important as your exercise/training. Even if you are not an athlete, recovering from the stresses of your daily life is important.

When I talk about recovery, I am not talking about rest or dealing with an injury. I am talking about purposeful recovery to be able to get back...

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