Improve Performance Through the 4 Pillars of Health mobility nutrition performance physical therapy pregnant and postpartum athletes running sleep hygiene stress management Oct 18, 2021
Most people only think about the physical aspects of improving performance and/or recovering from an injury. Of course the physical aspect is really important, however we like to look at the big picture. If you are only looking at one thing, you are going to struggle with getting better.
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It's Hot and I'm Pregnant. What Is Safe to Do in This Heat? pelvic health performance pregnant and postpartum athletes running Jun 21, 2021
Benefits of exercise while pregnant have been proven time and again. Wait, you don’t know the benefits of exercising while pregnant? Well here is a list coming at ya! Benefits include: improved blood glucose; decreased total gestational weight gain; decreased severity of depressive...
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Should You Exercise While Pregnant? pelvic health physical therapy pregnant and postpartum athletes Sep 21, 2020
The female body goes through many changes during and even after pregnancy. One question we get often is, “Should I exercise while I’m pregnant?” Back in the day, it was recommended to rest as much as possible during pregnancy and avoid exercising. The evidence points in the...
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