What is VooDoo Flossing? mobility performance physical therapy Feb 01, 2021
What is VooDoo flossing?
VooDoo flossing, aka muscle or joint flossing is a mobilization technique that uses a thick elastic band wrapped tightly around a body part while stretching to improve mobility and decrease pain.
VooDoo floss bands come in various widths and...
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Make Sure Your Warm-Up Has These 3 Things mobility performance running Dec 28, 2020
It is pretty well accepted that warming up helps athletes play better and reduce their risk of injuries. However, not every warm-up is created equally. How long should the warm-up be? What should be included in the warm-up to make it more effective?
Every warm-up should last 10-20...
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Frozen Shoulder: PT vs. Manipulation Under Anesthesia vs. Arthroscopic Capsular Release mobility physical therapy Dec 21, 2020
Adhesive capsulitis aka “frozen shoulder” is a relatively common shoulder issue that tends to have poor outcomes in the medical field. The capsule of the shoulder joint becomes inflamed, then scarred and contracted, causing pain, stiffness, and loss of function. The treatments that...
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The Difference Between Mobility and Flexibility mobility performance physical therapy Nov 09, 2020
A lot of people think mobility and flexibility are the same thing, but that’s not quite accurate. Mobility refers to moving actively through a range of motion. Flexibility refers to passively lengthening through a range of motion. Flexibility is one piece of the mobility puzzle.
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